• Public School Districts

    Did you know that you can apply for your child to attend any public school in Arizona?
    Choose the right public school for your child…no matter where you live.
  • Charter Schools

    Did you know Arizona has the highest percentage of students in charter schools than any other state in the nation?
    My daughter is doing so well in her charter school because I could choose the right fit for her needs, and it's a public school, so it is FREE.
  • Tax Credit Scholarships

    Did you know that since its inception, the Arizona tax credit program has awarded over 260,000 scholarships?
    I struggled in my old school, but my family could never have afforded my private school education without this scholarship.
  • Homeschooling

    Did you know Arizona has been a national leader in supporting homeschools since the early 1980's?
    I wanted to guide my child's education, and Arizona respected my decision to educate my children in our home.
  • Online Instruction

    Did you know Arizona is a pioneer in offering flexible online education that extends beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom?
    A great education, engaged teachers, lots of homework…on my schedule. I am working toward my diploma ONLINE.
  • Empowerment Savings Accounts

    Did you know Arizona was the first state to create ESAs for special needs students?
    ESA's open up a world of opportunities to meet my child's special needs.
  • Welcome, Parents of Arizona!

    I hope this website serves you well as you navigate the many educational opportunities available to your children as they progress through grade school and beyond. I know it can be daunting to pick a school that best fits your child's needs. As long as you recognize and take advantage of the key role you play in deciding your children's educational future, I think you will find the process empowering and rewarding.